5th Full Moon Gathering. Live Talk by Nagendra.
Austria 16.11.2019

Nagendra: Is there something beyond time, space and thought?

I would like to share with you my last night. Actually it is not personally for me. Last night something was happening. I went to bed before twelve o’clock and lay down. Something started in my body, which I can’t even understand. I try to put it into words which is difficult. It is not happening because of me, it could happen to any human being. Maybe it was happening in my body but it is not my private experience for me only but it is universal. Something extraordinary started when I lay down. Suddenly my brain, thoughts, feelings, everything stopped. My brain was totally empty. Then my senses were expanding in this space of emptiness. Mostly between the two eyes – third eye. This point was expanding like everywhere, beyond space, beyond everything. It was not something imaginable. It was in everything. It was ecstatic and there was total happiness. It was not my happiness. It was just like everything is so happily together. There was no experiencer, no Nagendra who experienced this but there was „TIMELESS PRESENCE“. It was just that the things were there as facts. It went so long that I could not sleep, it went on till four o’clock. It was very strong. Like a light. I think I went to sleep at five o’clock. I want to say you there is something very immense but not in the field of human thought and time. It is really existing, because of that we are existing. If that does not exist, we cannot exist at all. It is nameless. One should have those moments in ones life.

Free from fear because fear destroys your understanding to see the things as they are:

It is only possible if you are very much present at all levels and your brain is free from all worldly things, social pressure, stress, fear and greed. When these all are absent, then brain is very much sensitive, alive highly alert and can receive the truth from beyond, which is eternal. I think it is possible for every human being. From that sharing I would like to start our journey. I only share to tell you that it is not impossible. We are never open for that. I only can wish and hope, that we are fellow travelers – there is no ahead or behind, this nameless is beyond time and space. You must have time for yourself to sit silently and observe the things without thought and without judgement. It is very difficult to put in words.

Questioner: “I experienced something. I couldn’t sleep but I didn’t feel bad about it. There is so much love around me. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. Maybe there is something…“

Nagendra: It is beautiful when that love surrounds you. Beyond that love is truth which nobody can know since it is unapproachable by the man of thought. It is the ground where everything comes from. Even it is beyond energy. If that love comes to you, it cleans everything and changes your life. Only love can change – not your effort and will can change you. But Love is not personal property. When you make it personal possession then it is social love which is dead and it ends up sooner or later into separation and hate – social Love cannot go longer that’s why most marriages and couples end up in separation and depressions. Love is an energy and you cannot use it to fulfill your social demands and comforts. But if you reduce and misuse Love by holding it for your social-security and comfort in your relationship then your relationship is bound to meet the dead end! Fear destroys Love!

Questioner: “How can I feel love all the time, is it possible?”

Nagendra: All the time you don’t have to feel it because when you try and desire for Love all the time then it is greed – you want more and more. Let it come by itself. Just open the door like you have opened the windows of this room. The fresh air will come! It is not your business to pursue the Love. But if I say to you do this and that so you can have love at all the time, then love is depending on your doing this and that. So love is then reduced into small petty affair. You can’t go for that Love if you make it dependent on your doings and not doings. That is the beauty of love that it is free from your desires to have it. If you can do something to have love, then it’s not love – it does not come by your doing or not doing but it comes when you are totally silent and have no social pressure and sorrow. If there are few moments of love in your life, don’t ask for more these moments to continue, just be thankful and do not demand for more. Then these moments may come at all the time unexpectedly. Maybe one day only love is remaining with you and you become yourself Love. It depends on how much space your brain and your heart give to love. When your „self“ or “I” is absent, then love is permanent. Since we are having ego and your brain is filled by lots of material things, fear and greed so it comes and goes. With the total abolition, abrogation of self there is love only. It is permanent. That position is absolute happiness or… I won’t even use any name. That permanence of love cannot be shattered through any event – it is unshatterable, indestructible, eternal.

You know the cross from Jesus Christ? Actually it was existing before Jesus. It means “I” crossed (+). Eliminate the I or Ego. Finish your “I”. Nobody knows the meaning of this symbol, the cross. It means remove away your “I” – then love is. It is possible. What you have to do to wipe away your I by paying fully attention on your every acts and thought – you see and be attentive of those moments when “I” is manifesting in your life – then “I” is gone through watching. Watching dissolves the “I”. Otherwise I continues if you don’t watch, “I” can only exist if you are unaware, then “I” functions to destroy your life. Have you seen, in the darkness, certain things function and certain things function in light. “I” and evil work in the darkness of unawareness. Darkness does not mean the darkness outside, but unconscious mind, doing things like in a sleepy state, like a machine. Do you understand what I am talking?

Nagendra: Please understand these points profoundly:

Break down your habits.

Even if you can break them down for a few moments, one second, two seconds, one minute – that’s enough. Slowly slowly increase the moments of awareness. It depends how much you really want to understand the life. You can break down your all habits today – just now – but you really need intensity and passion. You need tremendous energy, then you can finish this “I” just now. “I” is only powerful when you are unconscious, otherwise it is very fragile, it has no roots in the light of awareness. That is the beauty of attention and awareness, that it destroys your habits, it doesn’t matter how old is your unconscious mind, your fear, your greed. Millions of years of habits can be wiped away within a second. Such a power attention has! So if you don’t have that strength, do only a few seconds. Let this moment increase.

How you can do that, that you break down the unaware habits?

For that, you have to use your senses in highest form of sensitivity. The first key is listening. Listening to your girlfriend, boyfriend, father, mother, enemy, patients, customers… Listen, Listen, just Listen, don’t react. Through reacting we give energy to the person. Don’t react – just listen. Just do it! You are not going to lose. You don’t have to show that you know everything. Let the other person win against you. Don’t worry, but listen.

Then the second factor is to watch without giving a name. E.g. if you see a tree, don’t give it a name. Don’t say a tree, or in German “Baum” because it is just an expression to say something. But this thing is not a “Baum”, not a tree because in India they say “Brakcha” for a tree. If they say “Brakcha”, you can say what is that? For you it is nothing. These are just the names that different cultures have given to the same thing. But it is not just “Baum”, it is beyond the word „Baum“.

Don’t give a word: Do not see your partner through past knowledge about her or him but see to each other as you have seen at the first time, you got it what I mean? Because past knowledge prevents the direct contact with someone. Knowledge creates judgement therefore judgement cannot allow you to see a person as a whole.

Words are not the things:

So if you have a partner, don’t say this is my girlfriend, my boyfriend, my husband my wife. Because if you say my, you don’t have a direct connection with the person. „My“ is coming between you and the person. These are the words which prevent you to see the person or things directly, you got it? And the words come between you and the connection. The words prevent direct perception, it doesn’t allow you to see the things as they really are. If I say, that I know Marlene, what does it mean? – I was knowing her yesterday, not today – but that day to today, she has changed a lot so how I can say I know her? Between yesterday and today, we both changed – we are new, so I can’t say I know her. I can’t say, I know Günther, because that knowledge was from last time I met him, but he has changed – maybe he is a different person now. Or maybe he did not change but still a lot of things happened and these happenings influenced his life. So we should see very person with fresh eyes without the memories of yesterday. But then when we talk, we can use words, but with first contact, try not to see people with words.

Meditation first before you  act, react or say something:

The great painters like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, or many other great people, when they were painting something, they were meditating before – so things can flow. If you go to India, you should see the Caves of Ellora and Ajanta. These are the great creation of meditative minds. If you see them you can’t imagine that they are created by human beings but by the universe. It is amazing. These people were meditating before. So if you paint something like sunset then sit down before sunset and watch it without thought and without time so it becomes you and you become it so there is no separation and distance. Let it flow through your hands. Then you will create something very wonderful. The highest quality of painters, they don’t think at that time they do the creative work, they are so one with their work or painting. They have no distance between the painting and the painter. There is no space, because space creates distance. Space is the distance. And that distance creates disturbance. So don’t create this space between you and the things you are doing. Be one. Then that creation, the truth will form, it will be at a very high level. You try this! It doesn’t matter what you do. You don’t bring observer inside you, because it creates duality and separates you from the things you do.

Your brain should be cleansed:

Then also you should try to smell. But these two senses – listening and seeing – are very important, you can listen, watch and smell everything . Your partner, your cat, tea, coffee – everything. Sharpen your senses. Touch also. When you touch, don’t touch through any of your filters, don’t feel any distance in your touch with this person. When you hug someone then don’t hug with half heart but merge in the hug as you do not exist but only the hug itself. Your whole being should flow through your touch and hug. When people like Buddha were touching, they were healing, because they were flowing through that touch. It is not a theory only. So if you can touch like that, your touch will be very healing and the other person will change. When you hug or touch, no barrier, no psychological wall between you and other – just flow with the person as an unity. The senses are the only keys, otherwise you cannot go direct to truth and love. These senses can be purified and made you very sensitive but purify yourself without effort. Make yourself very fine, fine, fine… These senses then are an instrument of higher energies and love. Because love is energy. Your Brain should be cleansed and purified without any motivation to get this Love.

One Human Consciousness.

The greatest teacher of all time has pointed out, if 10 people can live with great attention, then they will have an impact of whole humanity. These ten people can pull up, lift up the consciousness of whole humanity. They will influence the consciousness of the whole human beings. Because consciousness is one. Since as today the whole humanity is influenced by wars, industry, economy, pollution, terrorist activities. But at the higher level we never try to influence the humanity, because in the history, we never had 10 awakened people. One or two teachers were there. It was not enough. Sometimes we had Buddha, sometimes Socrates, and so on. It is the only future, that we can have at least 10 such people that can change the human consciousness.

If the human civilization continues further its destructive activities, our planet has no future. It will end up with a great catastrophe. Greed, Fear, wars and self destruction are increasing every day, which you can see everywhere in News!

So give sometimes time for your inner light to manifest in you. And always remember it is never too late. It is always possible to begin with yourself.

Eternal Journey

Now I will talk to you what eternal journey is. We have only known outer journey where we travel from A to B. We need distance, space and time to complete the outer journey. If I want to go to India or any corner of the world, I need time – one day, two days – and I need the distance to travel. These are material means, just material things. But if you want to go from this room to your self then you do not need time and distance. If I want to go to you, it’s just a few steps. But if I want to reach to myself I don’t have to take any steps. So what has happened? We removed time and space. There is no time and space. So your inner journey starts without time and space. You have traveled to come here to my place at PhysioAyurveda Praxis that took time and space. But to travel inside you don’t need that. But since we are conditioned in time and space we don’t understand that the inner world works differently than the outer. The inner world does not work in time and space. This we have to understand profoundly! If you can understand that, you can start opening the inner windows! Meditation is the understanding. It is not doing of a method. Not practicing. Practice makes the mind dull, mechanic, rigid and insensitive. You don’t have to practice, you have to understand and then meditation will come and flower spontaneous to you. Perceive it very deeply from your body, from your nerve, your heart, your mind, from your emotion. You don’t have to do anything. So if you listen what is being said this moment and if you catch it at the same time – if you understand what I am saying. If you grasp immediately some things, then that becomes the truth for you and it works in your life as a teacher.

All this, what I am saying, worked for people who reached the truth, they were grasping the things at the moment. We don’t grasp. We postpone the process of understanding to tomorrow. Tomorrow I will understand. Today I will do this, tomorrow I will be peaceful. Today I have stress, tomorrow I will relax. So we always postpone. Now is the moment of Love, don’t miss it!

Time is the enemy of man.

To travel inside does not need time. If I sit here and I want to travel in me, I don’t have to move anywhere. So time is the enemy of man. You are brainwashed since thousands of years that time is money. Time is love. Time is everything. So much wrong propaganda has been done about time. But you need time to earn your bread and butter. That time is very material time – it is very healthy. But psychological time is dangerous that you don’t need to travel inside.

What is inside travel?

The inside is everything. All the world is inside you. The whole universe is existing as a miniature, in atomic form in you. You don’t have to go anywhere in India or somewhere else to find out the truth – only you go inside and you will find that everything is there. Not only that – all human beings, all events that happened since up to now and everything that is going to happen is present in you. You can open and see that. When you are watching yourself, means that you are traveling in you and then start things flowing in you – lots of things. You just watch them. The book starts opening, the traveling starts inside you. Then you go many stations, you see your God. Everything in you is there. All the human psychological feelings, emotions, sentiments, human depressions, human hurts, so called love and wars – everything you will start revealing! Oh god, everything is there!

You are Responsible for Everything.

That’s why the teaching says, don’t say that the politicians are responsible or the dictators are responsible. No one is responsible. You are responsible, because you are the world made by your blind desires and and your cravings for security and comfort. You have everything. But you live such a small miserable life, so that it makes you limited. Then you never have energy to travel inside you. You know when great scientists like Einstein discovers in material things, that there is big energy. If you remove everything in material, then atoms, electrons, have enormous energy. Emptiness is the source of energy. Same is in the human mind – tremendous energy. That energy has to be released from fear and greed. That is the traveling. Don’t use time and space. When you sit down and watch you, don’t go in time and space. If thoughts or feelings are moving, just keep watching. And if you keep watching so, then time and space finishes. If you do now, what I am saying, you can see that. You can say it is meditation or any name. When you travel in you, then you have depth – then when you travel outside you see from your insight the human nature, you see the human suffering, you see the human fear. Because you have seen it in you.

Traveling should start from inside which is your psychological world.

Then you see, that everywhere you go, it’s the same. Only different eye color, habits – but basically we share the same psychological contents. Same fear, same greed, same searching for money and security – every human being is doing that. This is where we are common in all human beings. Then your traveling has much sense, you can see the things clearly without the illusions. But if you only travel outside, it is like vacation. You are escaping, you are running away from yourself. People are running from themselves! They go for vacation and fight there and when they come home, they are separated or divorced. Vacation is materialistic. It’s good that you go, sit in the sun, but it’s not enough – it’s superficial. A person who goes traveling inside, enjoys then outside every moment, by observing, by watching and by listening, because he has the power of seeing and listening to see the things as they really are. Then you have the first time compassion for other human being. That compassion comes then. Because when you don’t say he and me, you and they because you know that the other persons are the same like you.

This traveling I do mostly.

Everything becomes your guru, everything becomes your friend, because you don’t have to find a guru or master – you are your own guru, you are your own master, you are everything. If you go from the inside to outside, then even a small puppy dog becomes the guru for you as a small puppy was my guru near the Ganges who looked at me with his extraordinarily penetrating deep green eyes – he shown me how to look deeply, directly without time gape and without thought. He can show you the life, the colors, even this small persons who is lying down at the corner begging can give you more message than a false teacher can. A person who is searching for a teacher is a blind, because he doesn’t understand the things and he will then create the corruption between him and teacher by following blindly. Then starts all nonsense. You don’t have to find a teacher outside, because it is inside you. But first you go inside, then you can even recognize the real teacher outside, otherwise you will start with false things. That is the danger if you are not clear inside, you won’t be clear outside. Most chances are that you will get to know a false teacher, a false person. This is happening, you see that all religions are false, they are leading people totally in the wrong direction. You can’t blame them, because you have created them by your own demands and your ignorance. Today I was watching from my window lots of cars and old tired people, who were going to church. I was just watching them without thought. You can’t blame them because you can’t blame other church or their Belief they hold on to. People can’t do other than this. Because they only go there out of their habit and fear they got conditioned since thousands of years. Because there is no light inside their lives. If Jesus comes from the other direction, they will ignore him because they will get late to go to church. They go to church, but they won’t say “Hello Jesus”, or say “We will come to you afterwards, and then we will meet you when we have time.” It is not that you should find a teacher or a guru – it is nonsense. You have to find yourself and then perhaps you can meet a real teacher if you need.

Everything is in you.

Nothing is missing, only your discovery has to start. Has to begin this journey what I want to share with you this evening. Never try to reach the goal because the journey has no goals, because if you want truth and love, that should be no goals. Journey itself is very beautiful with ups and downs, of course, that every day, every moment is a goal.

Life is the Goal itself.

It is not that now something will happen. Don’t make goal, don’t make discipline, because if you make a goal, then you will reach that goal but that will not be reality – it will be the goal of your illusion. Your goal is your own projection of your blind desires. But not the goal of truth. Any person can reach his self-made goal, because if you believe in god, you will see the god, but it is your illusion of god. It is not real god. It is happening. Many people think in this way. I tell you the story of a woman –  a woman was talking to me that in her room she sees Jesus. another woman was saying to me, that her husband is dead, but he comes in her room and talks to her. I didn’t say anything to these women – I just listened. You can’t say they are stupid, for them it is real, because they created it out of their own fears and illusions.

Man has tremendous power of creating illusions.

You can create anything out of your own illusions. You can start seeing Buddha, Jesus helping you. Many people say that. If you created the goal, you will reach that. Then come the consequences. Many people create the goal to become rich – they become rich, because this universe is very generous. What you desire to get from this world – you are going to get if you work hard using your greed and fear. But then what you get, the things you got will destroy you. It has always consequences. It is said that if you want lots of money and you go for this you will get it one day. But at which costs it will come to you? The great teachers were saying that you should only earn so much money that all your material needs are fulfilled – and perhaps a little more. But don’t pursue so much that your whole life is occupied for money only. The same is for everything. That is the consequence of a goal. This is why this inner journey has no goal. There are some material issues in daily life – not a goal, but it is just a timetable. if you want to catch the flight tomorrow, then you have to say, “OK, 5 o’clock you have to get up.” These are not goals, this is just chronological time. Psychological goals are different and dangerous. If you want to make some organization to make a very good place, you have to say one year you need this and this to work, you need a little money, so you can have some  necessary things – this is the arrangement for making your work more precisely. It has nothing wrong in it. But if you say I will be happy tomorrow then you are creating an ill-usury time that will never come. You can be happy now or not because life is now.

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